Happy Scienceween!

A ghostly nebula (from Astronomy Picture of the Day). I also see an octopus in this nebula, but I may just be kraken up.

Activities for the day include taking my cat Pascal to the vet (he’s feeling better than yesterday, but I’m being cautious) and writing a version of “Brass in Pocket” for job-seekers. (“I’m gonna make you see/No other candidate, no one like me/I’m special (special!)….”)

(For those whose Irony DetectorsTM are on the lowest setting, I am not proposing replacing Halloween with Scienceween, in the style of Jesusween.)

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  1. 1 mcshanahan October 31, 2011 at 09:43

    Thanks for linking to my webinar post! And I love the ghostly nebula, booo… :)

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