Science Culture Link Roundup (October 29, 2011)

I was awoken by the heavy autumn rain early this morning, so I might as well make use of my time awake.

In other news, I unfortunately had to turn down my spot in the NASA Tweetup for the upcoming launch of the Mars Science Laboratory (AKA Curiosity). However, please consider buying some t-shirts, stickers, or coffee mugs from the Galileo’s Pendulum shop, or (if you’re a scientist or student scientist) maybe one of my physics or math books.

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  • @RoseHopefully Yeah, I figured you didn't have a chance to get away from the rain. If that's the worst that happens, you're good. 8 hours ago
  • And there may not be kings, but there is a badass elderly lesbian who saved the world once before (and is ready to do it again) 9 hours ago
  • Literally the major action takes place in between two mesas in the desert. Well, and in the Nightmare World. It *is* a fantasy. 9 hours ago
  • The book I'm working on now takes place entirely in a small region in the mountains, with no battle of nations, no kings, no "destiny". 9 hours ago
  • When I was a kid (teen and younger), I wrote the typical kind of sprawling world-spanning fantasy, with big maps to go with it. 9 hours ago


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