Galileo’s Pendulum is One Year Old!

The Earth has completed one revolution around the Sun since Galileo's Pendulum started. (This image is a T-shirt possibility! I created it several years ago when I directed the M. D. Anderson Planetarium in Tennessee.)

On September 16, 2010, the blog “Science Vs. Pseudoscience” began as part of the class I was teaching with the same name. The idea was that I would find pseudoscience-related items in the news and share them, and my students could contribute as well, perpetuating the class discussion. While the class was going on, I didn’t write very frequently (the pressures of the semester and all): I count 12 posts in the first three months of the blog, three of which were contributed by my friend and colleague Louis Rubbo.

In January 2011 I found out that my teaching job was coming to an end, so I decided to change the focus of the blog to be more of a pure science blog, with a change of name to go with it. The pseudoscience posts didn’t go away, but I’ve been writing progressively more about positive science with fewer overt “debunking” posts. I obviously still care strongly about education and the proper use and interpretation of science, so the “pseudoscience” part of the blog will not disappear completely; I just find I would rather write about black holes or Schrödinger’s cat or the deep connection between quantum mechanics and donuts.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary, I’m thinking of making T-shirts. One possible design is the one at the top of the post, which I created several years ago for the anniversary of Copernicus’ book; another is the “Badass Galileo” design below, which I made in response to the group of climate-change-deniers in Australia who misuse Galileo’s good name. Would anyone be interested in buying either or both of these designs, if I make them?

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  1. My candidate for the prose part of the T-shirt.

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