Galileo Sells Out

Galileo is known mostly for being a scientist, but he was also a guy glad to make a bit of cash off his inventions. So, in the spirit of Galileo, I’ve opened a CafePress shop: Only two designs are in the shop so far (and the shop itself is pretty basic), but if there is sufficient interest, I’ll start adding more, maybe make some stickers, and so forth. I’m not expecting to make any real money off this, but if you buy a shirt, you will support this site by a tiny amount!

Thanks to everyone who has read this site over the last year!

3 responses to “Galileo Sells Out”

  1. Actually until he became a courtier in Florence in 1610 Galileo’s main source of income was as an instrument maker. He just happened to do a little bit of science on the side ;-)

    1. The very notion of a “professional scientist” wasn’t familiar in his day. I actually felt a little disillusioned when I first heard about Galileo’s commercial ventures, but since then I’ve become more realistic (or cynical?).

      1. Instrument making and instrument design was an integral part of the profession of a Renaissance mathematicus. Galileo was one of the last of the breed. Customised instruments as gifts were used to win favours from patrons an important aspect of the career path of a Renaissance mathematicus.

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