Invasion of the GeekGirlCon

Next month, I’ll be joining a diverse group of scientists, teachers, and other outreach specialists in Seattle for GeekGirlCon! We’re the DIY Science Zone, bringing hands-on science activities for all ages, a function we started last year and which is now part of the official program. Many thanks to Raychelle “Dr. Rubidium” Burks for putting this together and organizing all of us. My activity: creating interesting topological structures such as Möbius strips and Klein bottles using paper and scissors!

But we’re not quite ready to go: we still need your help. Any contribution you make buys our supplies to bring activities to hundreds of people at the con. Click here to donate!

And now for your reward? incentive? chance to mock me? I recreated a famous scene from the classic horror film Invasion of the Body Snatchers, in what the Hollywood press would call a “special effects extravaganza”. Enjoy (?)!

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