Teaching: We’re Doin It Rong (Links for 12/19/2011)

Saturn is big! The tiny-looking moon in the foreground is Enceladus, possibly the best candidate for life beyond Earth in our Solar System.

I guess there’s something in the water, or perhaps it’s the end of the term, but at least two people independently wrote excellent pieces on how teaching sciences isn’t doing all it should…and how we can do better. (My own piece is here.)

  • Biologist Rosie Redfield changed her genetics curriculum, but realized as she taught that she hadn’t gone far enough. Here’s her call for change.
  • Brian Romans taught geology and sedimentology for the first time this fall, and wrote about his experience: what went right, and what he would like to improve. Make sure you read the comments, too: some really great stuff there.
  • If you can find other posts or essays along these lines, please send them my way. I think educators are thinking hard about this stuff, and maybe we’re reaching a critical mass to accomplish real change.

Now for other fun links:

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