Monday Link Roundup

Saturn's moon Rhea, as seen by the Cassini probe.

What an age of riches we live in! (I say this with my tongue only slightly in my cheek, so you can still understand what I’m saying. Otherwise it’d be “gwha a agch of writches we wiv in!”.) Here are but a few of the great items I’ve spotted today:

For my “picture of the day selection” (I think I’ll keep this feature up, if people like it), the Cassini mission captured a very detailed image of the moon Rhea, illuminated by the reflected glory of its host planet Saturn.

Now if you’ll pardon me for a bit, I’ve gotta get back to looking for a job.

One response to “Monday Link Roundup”

  1. Uranus should really be written Ouranos, which is the name of the Greek/Roman sky god after whom it is named.

    As far as the job search, as we say in theater, break a leg! :)

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