A Spacesuit Ballet

I have a highly important appointment to spend the afternoon with Pablo Picasso, but I promise the weekend will not end without another real blog post or two. In the meantime, here’s a truly wonderful video from National Public Radio’s Science Friday, setting video footage of spacesuit testing to the music of the awesomely weird band One Ring Zero:


I must say, some of those suits look really frightening.

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  • @fMRI_guy also the books by men that have been most important in my list were written by men of color 17 minutes ago
  • now which book in my to-read list is next? The one about white people as a group behaving terribly, the one about a… twitter.com/i/web/status/1… 18 minutes ago
  • RT @aux_clare: [bursts through the door, panting] the jumbo jet the canadian olympic equestrian team uses to transport their horses is call… 22 minutes ago
  • (that's out of 36 books. I have not made a goal of how many books to read this year, since I made one last year and failed miserably) 26 minutes ago
  • so far this year I've only read three books by straight* white men. It can be done! *presumably straight, I should say 28 minutes ago

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