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I’m publishing a book, and you can help it happen!

preliminary copy design for "Who Owns an Asteroid?", a comics collection by Maki Naro and me

Preliminary cover design for “Who Owns an Asteroid?”, a comics collection by Maki Naro and me.

For a few years now, I’ve been collaborating with artist extraordinaire Maki Naro on nonfiction science comics for The Nib. Now, we’re turning those comics — along with material never before published! — into a book entitled Who Owns an Asteroid? Comics on Science and Society. We’re crowdfunding the project through Unbound, a UK-based publisher. The Who Owns an Asteroid? page has all the information, including preview pictures and a number of rewards you get for various levels of pledging.

Thank you all in advance for supporting this work! I’m personally excited to see these comics in print.

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