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Things I tolerate from my cats that I never would at a conference

My cats, Pascal and Harriet. [Credit: moi]

My cats, Pascal (left) and Harriet (right). [Credit: moi]

I spent the weekend at the National Association of Science Writers annual conference (this year in Cambridge, Massachusetts), which was a wonderful experience. Thank you to the organizers, sponsors, board members, session leaders, and everyone else who made it all work!

I’m on tight deadlines this week, but I thought as my cat Harriet bumped against my legs: It’s been three days since someone did that. And it occurred to me how strange it would be if one of my fellow conference goers bumped their head on my legs. So, here are things I tolerate from my cats that I would never put up with from people at a conference:

  • sitting on my lap and blocking my computer screen
  • throwing up on my floor and not cleaning it up
  • following me into the bathroom to watch me on the toilet
  • sitting on the edge of the bathtub while I take a shower
  • sitting on the table and staring at me for twenty minutes straight while I’m trying to do something
  • using my stomach/crotch/legs as a trampoline (OK, I don’t tolerate this so much as endure it)
  • lying down on my clean clothes right after I take them out of the dryer
  • licking my elbow
  • rubbing their heads on my hands to try to get me to pet them

The mental image of humans doing some of these things does make me giggle, though. Maybe I should make a video along these lines:

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