All hats, all the time

You all remember the band Frog Hat?

You all remember the band Frog Hat?

As you may have guessed from the lack of posts, I’ve been very busy writing over the last few weeks. Suffice to say there will be several big articles showing up soon (if all goes as scheduled!). In the meantime, I’m reorganizing my online presence slightly, boosting signals in some places, and turning them down others. So, here are all the links, reorganized:

I am not (yet) on Pinterest or Instagram, and my Myspace account is defunct. (Actually, I forgot I even had a Myspace account until I got a random email about it the other day.) My second Facebook page (for Bowler Hat Science) is gone, but I’ll be posting the same material elsewhere.


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  • @mathematigal They are being horrible about paying writers right now, so it might be better to find another place to pitch anyway. :-/ 2 hours ago
  • Definitely feeling pessimistic tonight. I don't want to be right about this. 2 hours ago
  • I just don't see any resolution to all this bullshit. Most of the gov't doesn't care what Trump does as long as they can screw the poor. 2 hours ago
  • Happy (future) birthday, Captain Kirk! 3 hours ago
  • @PhysicistLisa EDIBLE EARS 3 hours ago

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