Gravity: a love story (Science Advent 5)

(Every day until December 25, I’m posting a science-related image and description.)

Day 5

So much of physics involves imagining things that we have trouble visualizing. [Credit: xkcd]
Usually the image would relate to a new topic, but today I’m playing catch-up after being sick for the last several days. Instead of a new image, I made a set of printable images you can use to make your own 12-fold non-repeating patterns, like the ones I described in Monday’s post. These are designed to be printed on US Letter-sized paper, but since they’re images, you should easily be able to scale them for any size paper.

Secondly, here’s the presentation I gave to the Society of Physics Students at the University of Central Arkansas, via Google+ Hangout. I spoke about gravity, black holes, and the importance of making sure we remember why we study what we do. Thanks to Dr. Will Slaton and Shelby Burns of the physics department for inviting me to give the talk. You can also view my slideshow on SlideShare in your browser.

Title: “Gravity: A Love Story”

Abstract: “Beauty” and “black holes” are terms not often associated with each other. However, those of us who study black holes often do find them beautiful in a way: a beauty of the mind. My story is an intertwined narrative of the physics and astronomy of black holes, my love for them, and – not least – the pleasure we can all find in telling others about our beautiful Universe.

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