Some brief notes

Harriet the cat will shoot you with her laser eyes.
If you criticize my lack of posting, Harriet the cat will shoot you with her laser eyes. [Credit: my dad]
As you probably have gathered from the lack of posts, life has been very busy Chez Bowler Hat the last few weeks. My parents visited me in Richmond this last week, and I have been working very hard on Back Roads, Dark Skies, along with a couple of other large projects. But fear not! More writings are coming soon. In the meantime, here are a few announcements:

  • I now have a Public Speaking page over at Bowler Hat Science! I give a number of public presentations at a variety of venues, and I’m available for yours. I’ve given talks at astronomy clubs, public libraries, pubs, and other events.
  • The CosmoAcademy team is gearing up for some new classes starting in August. CosmoQuest’s Fearless Leader™ Pamela Gay will be offering the first installment: “The Big Bang and Our Dark Future”. This is a four-hour mini-course on the evidence for the Big Bang and what observations may tell us about the future of our Universe. You even have three different meeting times to choose from, to suit your time zone! The meetings will be 4-5 PM (US Eastern), 7-8 PM (US Eastern), and 8-9 PM (US Eastern).
  • I’m in the middle of a general ongoing reorganization of my two sites. I’ve updated my biography at Bowler Hat Science, and in the future I’ll be writing most of the blog materials that were once posted at that site back over here at Galileo’s Pendulum. Stay tuned for a few more changes, but in the meantime…
  • I’ve also added a “tag cloud” for my most-used tags in the right column of this site. Hopefully that will be of some use to you! Please make sure you also follow me on Twitter and “like” the Galileo’s Pendulum page on Facebook.

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  1. I find that for most individuals–a lack of posts is normally explained by “busy-ness” in one’ s life. Writing a “good” blog is not always simple or easy. You have a very good site—I say, . . not a problem . . . .

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