The never-ending adventure that is life

In the last week, I managed to suffer a personal injury, shortly after my laptop died an untimely death. (Well, semi-untimely: it was five years old, downright geriatric for laptops.) Combined with some family worries, I think I’d rather have a complete reboot of the last few days. Too bad real life isn’t like Groundhog Day, with the mandate to repeat everything until it comes out right.

However, I’ve updated Bowler Hat Science, including a new page for Back Roads, Dark Skies; please go have a look. Also, this afternoon I’m off to Science Online 2013, one of the premier conferences in science communication.

Not only will I be amongst my wonderful colleagues and friends from around the world, hearing them speak and conversing with them, I’m co-moderating two sessions. These are Never Tell Me the Odds! (on probability and how to understand it, with Cedar Riener) and Hands-on Math (how we can use paper and fabric to understand some fairly advanced topics in mathematics, with Evelyn Lamb). If you’re on Twitter, you can follow along using the hashtag #scio13 .

For more on Science Online, see my summary post from last year. Stay tuned: I’m sure I’ll have a lot to relate from this year’s event!

One response to “The never-ending adventure that is life”

  1. Intrigued by the sessions you’re co-leading. So, what’s the probability of hands-on encores in RVA?

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