Calling for Cosmology Posts!

The first Carnival of Cosmology was a success, so we’re doing another one this month too! Our theme this time is “Observational Challenges”—defined broadly or narrowly. The Carnival will be on Friday, August 31, so please submit your contributions to me before 11:59 PM US Eastern time on Thursday, August 30.

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  • RT @avflox: @DrMRFrancis, the right to decline sex is a human right. Doesn't matter what you do for a living, what you do in private, what… 11 minutes ago
  • RT @avflox: @DrMRFrancis, people who think a porn performer has no right to decline are actively colluding with Trump. 11 minutes ago
  • @kat_volk My excuse is growing up in a place where WGN was on basic cable, and they showed almost every Cubs game. 52 minutes ago
  • RT @darth: "ok u won our bet leo the cubs made the world series here is your bear cub" "i did not bet with u mr president" "just take the b… 54 minutes ago
  • RT @manwhohasitall: TODAY'S DEBATE: Is a man talking out loud in a meeting a sign of his promiscuity? 56 minutes ago

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