I Dreamed I Had a Good Job and I Was Well-Paid/I Blew It All At the Penny Arcade

Björn Jónsson has processed old Voyager 2 data to make a stunning mosaic of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot. Click the image for more information (and a much larger version).

Today is a busy day—I’m heading to Washington, DC this afternoon for a meeting and a DC Science Tweetup (if you’re a sciency person in the DC area, please join us!). In the meantime, the last few days offered ahuge number of excellent science-related items, almost too many to count. Here are just a few:

In self-promotional news, here are the latest articles I’ve written for Ars Technica:

  • Modifying a particular molecule’s chemical structure slightly changes its electrical conductivity by a factor of 100. The reason? The electrons experience destructive quantum interference.
  • Speaking of quantum interference: diffraction has been achieved with the largest molecules yet, pushing the boundary between quantum mechanics and the macroscopic world.
  • “Cloaking” in real science doesn’t resemble the stuff you see in Star Trek, but it’s still interesting. Researchers have made a cylinder that is masked from magnetic fields, using a combination of a superconductor and a ferromagnetic material. The major advance here is that the materials and temperatures are relatively easily accessible.

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  1. Oh my~ I want to join. This is definitely educational!
    I love learning a lot especially when it comes with science, I am definitely amazed.

    Ivonne from banc tv 

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