More Poll-ish Than Marie Skłodowska Curie and Copernicus Put Together!

I asked some questions last winter when the blog changed focus from “Science vs. Pseudoscience” to a more general science blog, with an attendant name change. Since that time, a lot more of you are reading, commenting, and linking back to the blog, but I still would like to know more about all of you. Specifically, what’s your scientific background? What do you like or dislike about “Galileo’s Pendulum”? I am full of questions!

3 responses to “More Poll-ish Than Marie Skłodowska Curie and Copernicus Put Together!”

  1. Nice title, but it makes me think of a debate both silly and discgraceful. You’ve looked at the Wikipedia article on Copernicus? And at its discussion pages?

    I saw this years ago and hadn’t looked at in a long time, but I see that the “Copernicus’ nationality” discussions have been catalogued and given special comment space and all.

    There’s a load of codswallop for you. Useful, though, if one is ever inclined to respond to some sophisticated Continental sneer at the narrow and parochial nationalistic quality of Amurrican ways.

    (I can’t help adding: … though there’s a self-proving argmument in this: Americans wouldn’t buy into that crap it they were really well informed!)

    1. Nationalism in general is silly, in my opinion.

  2. […] wouldn’t have thought of himself that way. (I sometimes commit the oversimplification of referring to him as Polish from modern geography; if you can find a History of Science confessor, I will say my mea culpas and […]

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