New Weeks, New Projects

Double X Science, a new blog I will be contributing to.

Last week, I linked to a new blog called Double X Science, devoted to content for women interested in science. Now I can reveal that Emily Willingham has asked me to join the blog as a contributor! So, expect an occasional post from me at that site, and I hope you all will give us your traffic and comment love. I’m far less established compared to the other writers on the site, so I’m very pleased and flattered to be joining this excellent project.

On a similar note, here’s a great video of women scientists testifying about the importance of evolution in biology, medicine, and culture:

The video was produced by Matt Shipman, David Wescott, Jamie Vernon, Kevin Zelnio and Andrea Kuszewski. The commentary features Friends of Galileo (a term I just made up) Emily Willingham, Marie-Claire Shanahan, Sheril Kirshenbaum, Jeanne Garbarino, Carin Bondar, Eugenie Scott, and many others.

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