I Think the Word You’re Searching for is “Space Ranger”

"Theories" about the Moon, propounded by the weird and wonderful kids in "Cul de Sac". Click for the whole comic.

I applied to be an astronaut candidate yesterday; if I’m actually selected, expect this blog to become “Galileo’s Pendulum…IN SPACE!” To celebrate the application (since it will be some time before I know whether I’ve made the initial cut), here’s video footage of astronauts falling down on the Moon.

Finally, please check out the links on the right sidebar; if I link to these sites, I think they’re something you might appreciate. I especially want to highlight the Double X Science blog from Emily Willingham and colleagues. It’s only two weeks old, but it’s poised to become a really great resource for all of us interested in science communication to the public. Please go read it.

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