Eris! Science History! Cryptography! Beards!

Four moons of Saturn: Titan, Dione, Pandora, and (if you look carefully) Pan, from Cassini. Via Astronomy Picture of the Day.

I have a busy day ahead of me, so no guarantees on when or if I’ll have a “real” blog post up. Here’s your link roundup, just in case:

2 responses to “Eris! Science History! Cryptography! Beards!”

  1. Warning: anybody who posts a long rambling comment about Pluto’s planetary status will have their comment deleted. I ask only that people actually read my posts before commenting.

  2. The debate about Pluto’s planet status is not nonsense. There is equal merit to the geophysical planet definition, which counts both Pluto, Eris, and all dwarf planets as a subclass of planets.

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