Math is For Girls (and Boys and Women and Men)

My new t-shirt design. If girls can't do math, why was the greatest 20th century mathematician a woman?

So many annoying t-shirts for girls have been spotted by alert observers: “I’m Too Pretty to Do Homework, so I Had My Brother Do It For Me“, “Allergic to Algebra“, etc. etc. barf. There are science-positive messages out there (ThinkGeek has plenty), but they really don’t seem to be in major retail stores. And, oddly enough, plenty of women don’t seem to be defeated by math, and many (gasp) seem to actually enjoy it.

With Ada Lovelace Day just two weeks ago, many people wrote stirring praise for the great women in science, math, and technology. My own choice was Emmy Noether, a mathematician whose work is important to my research, so it seemed fitting to create a shirt with her visage. It’s available for women, girls, and men. In case that isn’t enough, the inimitable Dr. Rubidium has designed her own shirts, mugs, etc. with an appropriately brainy message. (And no, I don’t get a kickback. Go buy her stuff anyway.)

Math is for everyone. The more girls, boys, women, and men who hear that message, the better our society will be.

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