Quasilinks for Quasicrystals, and Other Items

A Roman 20-sided die — an icosahedron, quasicrystal style.

I wrote a post about the Nobel Prize for physics yesterday, and one for the Nobel Prize for Chemistry today. However, I don’t intend to write about the literature prize tomorrow, unless either Margaret Atwood or Bob Dylan wins. So we’ll see; I think Atwood is certainly deserving, but I am no oracle. In the meantime, here are some links to keep you busy:

Finally, if all that reading has worn you out, go watch this video of the Sun eating a comet whole. Because who doesn’t love seeing cosmic destruction, if it causes no harm to us?


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  1. […] by fixed angles (think of a starfish with its five arms), translations by fixed distances (as with crystal lattices) and fairly abstract symmetries that are hard to describe in everyday language; each of these are […]

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