Decidedly Subluminal Sunday Morning Links

"Get Fuzzy" shows why superstition ain't the way. Click for the whole comic.

So there was this big story on Thursday and Friday about neutrinos possibly moving faster than light. Did anybody hear about that one? Since my post went up, a lot more people weighed in, many of whom are a lot more sophisticated than I am about the experimental setup and possible metrology errors, uncertainties about neutrino emission times, etc. Here are a few I read and appreciated; no doubt there are some I missed, so please leave others I should note in the comments. (Many of these have internal links as well. You should have enough neutrinoage to keep you busy for days. Days, I tell you!)

Moving on, it’s Sunday morning. It’s time for comics and advertising!

Update: I missed a good post from Kelly Oakes (for Scientific American): Faster-than-light neutrinos show science in action.

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