Thursday Morning Link Roundup

Beautiful spiral galaxy NGC 3521; click on the picture for more information.

I can’t keep up with the sciency goodness on the internet this morning, and I have other stuff that needs doing! So, here is a small cross-section of what I’m reading today, and I’ll try to have a post of my very own later on.

Whether or not you read any of the above, go right now and look at today’s Astronomy Picture of the Day. It’s a stunningly beautiful image of a spiral galaxy NGC 3521 surrounded by a bubble of gas, the probable remains of smaller galaxies pulled to pieces by NGC 3521’s gravitation.

One response to “Thursday Morning Link Roundup”

  1. Excellent galaxy picture, which demonstrates the fact that the deeper you look, the more you find.

    Science makes definitive predictions, which are prior, feasible, quantitative, non-adjustable, and unique to the theory being tested.

    Pseudoscience (like string/brane theory) cannot make definitive predictions.

    And that’s the difference in a nutshell.

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