Thursday Morning Link Roundup

Beautiful spiral galaxy NGC 3521; click on the picture for more information.

I can’t keep up with the sciency goodness on the internet this morning, and I have other stuff that needs doing! So, here is a small cross-section of what I’m reading today, and I’ll try to have a post of my very own later on.

Whether or not you read any of the above, go right now and look at today’s Astronomy Picture of the Day. It’s a stunningly beautiful image of a spiral galaxy NGC 3521 surrounded by a bubble of gas, the probable remains of smaller galaxies pulled to pieces by NGC 3521’s gravitation.

1 Response to “Thursday Morning Link Roundup”

  1. 1 Robert L. Oldershaw September 15, 2011 at 11:27

    Excellent galaxy picture, which demonstrates the fact that the deeper you look, the more you find.

    Science makes definitive predictions, which are prior, feasible, quantitative, non-adjustable, and unique to the theory being tested.

    Pseudoscience (like string/brane theory) cannot make definitive predictions.

    And that’s the difference in a nutshell.

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