Friday Podcast

I have recorded a podcast for the website 365 Days of Astronomy, a program designed to reach out to the public around the world about the wonderful variety of things that all fall into the category of astronomy. My particular program will air this Friday, April 22 (and be available for some time after that). I chose to talk about gravitational lensing, which in an audio-only medium is akin to describing a stegosaurus while sitting on one’s hands, but I hope I managed to get some ideas across!

I’ll post some supplemental images on my blog on Friday to coincide with the podcast, so please come visit here on Friday while listening to the audio — it should provide a little more insight beyond what audio is able to do alone. And please consider subscribing to the regular podcasts from the 365 Days of Astronomy site — as the name suggests, they have one daily for the entire year!

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