Big Changes Are Afoot!

I am on spring break this week, which for me means still working, but on the stuff I don’t always have time to do while classes are in session. For this blog, it should mean lots of exclamation points!

  1. A slightly higher rate of posting! I have a long-delayed post on galaxy clusters and another one on quantum entanglement. In addition, I will be writing and recording a podcast (my first!), so expect some more info about that soon.
  2. The blog will be moving to a new host and domain! I will keep this domain running while the transition occurs and probably for some time afterward to help steer people to the new site. The redesigned blog should be a bit more aesthetically-pleasing, contain a lot more links to stuff you might enjoy, and (for those who care about such things) a bit more personal stuff from me.
  3. A chance for you to provide feedback! I have several anonymous polls below the fold—please participate and let me know your opinions! (I think you have to enable cookies for these polls to work.)

2 responses to “Big Changes Are Afoot!”

  1. If you create an account with and set up your WordPress RSS feed on it, people can sign up for email updates through that, in a non-spammy way :)

    1. I use Feedburner too. It’s easy and, as mentioned, entirely non-spammy.

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