If I Were Truly a Fraud…

I joke sometimes that if I wanted to write my meal ticket for life, I’d declare publicly that I recant my evil cosmology science ways and become a young-Earth Creationist. Since there are so few actual trained scientists who are Creationists, I could probably go on the lecture circuit and make a pretty decent living. But of course I couldn’t live with myself if I tried a stunt like that and I’d lose most of my friends, so I won’t even try. (I’m also not good enough of an actor.)

In any case, think of this as a throwaway post, because my life has gotten very busy again. I promise the next post will be about something other than Creationism.

(Just to be clear, I’m not accusing Creationists of being frauds. I’m saying that if I became a Creationist, it would be a cynical ploy on my part.)

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