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I posted a summary of the black holes talk I gave yesterday at the Richmond Public Library over at Bowler Hat Science. Bonus: features a photo from my trip to Arizona!

Originally posted on Bowler Hat Science:

Yesterday (November 10, 2012) I spoke about black holes at the Richmond Public Library. For those who couldn’t make it, or who were there but want more information, here’s the essence of the talk, along with the relevant images that formed my slides. Please leave any questions you have in the comments, and thanks to everyone who came out (despite the insane marathon-related traffic)!

Black Holes Don’t Suck

(Yes, I’ve used that joke before. So sue me.)

Discussions of black holes fall into two distinct categories. The first is the sexy string theory/quantum gravity/Stephen Hawking category, all about time warps, wormholes, extra dimensions, Bekenstein entropy, and baby universes; the second discusses the real black holes discovered in our galaxy and beyond. While the sexy stuff is a lot of fun to talk about, that’s not what I discussed: it’s speculative, and at the present time impossible to test. (Some of…

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  • @SurlyAmy I have done this. 28 minutes ago
  • RT @PlanetDr: We may not have physically sent humans to Mars *yet* but we've sent their hearts and souls. Their blood, sweat, and tears. 46 minutes ago
  • .@PlanetDr That's what I always like to emphasize. These robots and their science belong to *us*. 48 minutes ago
  • We really need a *joint* analysis between Planck, BICEP2, and (for my money) another polarization experiment. 52 minutes ago
  • I never believed BICEP2's large scalar-to-tensor ratio, but I still think it's too soon to fully attribute everything to dust. 54 minutes ago


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