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What would you like to learn in 2015?

CosmoAcademy logoAs I’ve mentioned on several occasions, I’m director of CosmoAcademy: the branch of the CosmoQuest public outreach/citizen science organization that runs online classes. We’ve had a good year, offering a variety of classes on many topics. Now we’re looking ahead to 2015 and the sorts of things we want to offer in the new year.

And you can help us! Whether you’ve taken a class from us before, would like to take a class but for whatever reason couldn’t make it work, or might be interested but none of our previous offerings were up your alley, now’s your chance to let us know.

Please take our short survey, and thank you for helping us!


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  • This is the unfortunate truth. RT @DNLee5: 2014 really could be described as the year of the troll. 29 minutes ago
  • I am inordinately proud of coming up with the term Frère JAQs. 37 minutes ago
  • .@DNLee5 My favorite: Frère JAQs, trolls who are Just Asking Questions. 42 minutes ago
  • I have reached the final boss on this game and that's usually the point I lose interest. What more is there to do? 54 minutes ago
  • Let me graze into your veldt Let me nibble on your buds I'm your loooove rhino. 1 hour ago


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