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In which the author attempts comics

or maybe one of those worlds will be entirely made of coffee

© matthew r francis, after horne and comeau


The great webcomic “A Softer World” ended yesterday. I am sad.

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  • Let's count the great things: John Boyega Multiple kickass women That crashed Star Destroyer John Boyega 1 hour ago
  • We are gonna be so disappointed in Episode VII, aren't we? We're being set up. There's no way it can be as awesome as it looks. 1 hour ago
  • Should I make group theory jokes next? SO(N) is way polyamorous because it has N significant others. 1 hour ago
  • @mathematigal No doubt. 1 hour ago
  • Hm, I made Fourier transform and quantum mechanics jokes this afternoon and gained followers. Is this a lesson? 2 hours ago


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