Two Years of “Galileo’s Pendulum”

Two years ago on this date, I launched a blog called “Science Vs. Pseudoscience“, connected to a class I was teaching of the same name and concept. As you might guess, the focus of the original blog was more on skepticism: identifying and debunking pseudoscientific attitudes. Since my students were writing several essays during the semester, I thought I’d require a similar effort from myself—and get back into serious creative nonfiction writing at the same time. I had considered science writing many years ago, but didn’t really have time to pursue it while teaching and doing research.

I don’t write many posts anymore that are explicitly skeptical in outlook, not because I don’t think it’s important, but because I’d rather write about science if I can. Others are better at debunking, and have more patience for the fight. (I know a few of my readers want me to write more about the damage creationism and fundamentalism do in our culture, so the change wasn’t to everyone’s taste.) In winter 2011, I even changed the name of the blog to “Galileo’s Pendulum” to reflect the more general nature of the site. In two years, the readership has grown a lot, even though other demands on my time mean I don’t post as often as I’d like to. So, thank you all for reading, and for your support over the last two years!

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