Your Usual Seminar Speakers are Bad and You Should Feel Bad!

I am not immune to memes.

OK, it is time: I’m hanging out my shingle. If you are in charge of organizing conference, seminar, or colloquium speakers, why not consider inviting me?

My new website, Bowler Hat Science, is a one-stop shop for everything I offer. I’ll keep it up to date with all my writing, podcasts, interviews, public presentations, and other activities. To quote from Bowler Hat site, I am available for the following activities:

  • Presentations to the general, nonscientific (but science-minded) public. Possible venues include museums, planetariums, public libraries, high schools, colleges, and clubs. Topics for these presentations include (but are not limited to) the modern theories of our Universe, the science of black holes, and recent exciting results in physics, astronomy, and space exploration.
  • Seminars, colloquiums, conferences, or workshops for physics, astronomy, and related fields. Topics include the basics of science outreach (how to explain your research to non-scientists, even if it’s high-level stuff) and how to give better scientific talks both to fellow scientists and to the general public. Workshop activities could include master classes in how to construct slides, posters, and presentations for conferences.
  • Presentations or workshops for journalists, science writers, and related disciplines on the use and interpretation of scientific data. Topics include statistics, probability, and how to read a scientific paper.
  • Radio, television, podcast, and written interviews on any of the topics listed above (though not necessarily limited to those).
  • Writing of articles, science news analysis, and similar items for newspapers, websites, magazines, and other publications. (Unfortunately I cannot accept more unpaid writing work, even if the cause is a good one, so please don’t ask.)

I can provide testimonials upon request about my speaking and writing ability.

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