The Ghost of Talks Past, the Ghost of Talks Yet to Come

On August 16 and 17, I had the honor of being invited to speak at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. The first of these presentations, a 5-minute “lightning talk”, is available for viewing. (The second talk wasn’t videoed, but (ahem) I’m available to give it again at your local museum, library, school, synagogue, etc.) In my talk, I wax rhapsodic about the interactions that define modern physics:

The other talks from that evening are on the same YouTube channel—all great, and short so you can consume them in small bites (metaphorically speaking).

The orbiting Fermi gamma ray observatory found two huge bubbles of gamma ray-emitting gas emanating from the black hole at the center of the Milky Way. My upcoming talk will have the scoop.

If you are in the Richmond, Virginia area, I will be speaking September 4 at Science Pub RVA (Facebook link). The Science Pubs and Science Cafes are community outreach activities spearheaded by the NOVA Science Now program (hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson). We even got a story on the local public radio station! The social part of the evening begins at The Camel at 6 PM, and I’ll be onstage at 7 PM. I don’t think it will be videoed, but if you’re nearby, the event is free. All you have to do is register for a ticket, and we’ll see you there.

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