Rest in Peace, Neil Armstrong

The only clear photo of Neil Armstrong on the surface of the Moon. (Photo courtesy of NASA)

Only a few human beings have ever set foot on another world. Even being optimistic, very few of us now living ever will set foot on another world. Neil Armstrong, who died today at age 82, was first.

Given Armstrong’s personal modesty, this piece of music seemed appropriate to commemorate him today.

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  • People digging up tweets to critique from 2 or 3 months ago: can I have some of your spare time? You obviously have lots more than I do. 27 minutes ago
  • 'sides, McKinley was a punk. #ISaidIt 37 minutes ago
  • Yeah, I kinda feel like Denali has been the preferred name for many years, even if it wasn't "official".… 39 minutes ago
  • Given that I spent a lot of my grad school research days doing spinor representations, you'd think this stuff would be easier for me. 49 minutes ago
  • So if you need me, I'm reviewing all my grad school lecture notes on SO(N) spinor representations. 51 minutes ago


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