Calling for Cosmology Posts!

The first Carnival of Cosmology was a success, so we’re doing another one this month too! Our theme this time is “Observational Challenges”—defined broadly or narrowly. The Carnival will be on Friday, August 31, so please submit your contributions to me before 11:59 PM US Eastern time on Thursday, August 30.

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  • @Summer_Ash It's a lovely thought. 1 hour ago
  • @IBJIYONGI I could, though I'd have to brush up a bit first. Presumably you're not Orthodox. ;) 1 hour ago
  • @IBJIYONGI No, I never learned. I took ancient Hebrew instead of Dutch for my language requirement. 1 hour ago
  • I have altogether too much to do today, so I'm procrastinating already. Why clean the litterbox when there's internet to read? 1 hour ago
  • @IBJIYONGI I went to a small liberal arts college in a town that really was deep into Dutch heritage. That was...interesting. 1 hour ago


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