Calling for Cosmology Posts!

The first Carnival of Cosmology was a success, so we’re doing another one this month too! Our theme this time is “Observational Challenges”—defined broadly or narrowly. The Carnival will be on Friday, August 31, so please submit your contributions to me before 11:59 PM US Eastern time on Thursday, August 30.

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DrMRFrancis on Twitter

  • Farewell to Richmond 21 minutes ago
  • Harriet, on the other hand, needs to check to make sure I'm still alive and/or bring me toys when she gets bored and wants to play. 11 hours ago
  • I wish my cats could be civilized enough to share a room with me while I sleep, but Pascal is a friggin' bed hog. 11 hours ago
  • @PlanetDr I packed all my NASA stickers, more's the pity. I do have some nice beer left, though. 12 hours ago
  • At this point, my landlord and the next tenants may be getting an apology from me. I am out of time, energy, and life-force. 12 hours ago


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