Calling for Cosmology Posts!

The first Carnival of Cosmology was a success, so we’re doing another one this month too! Our theme this time is “Observational Challenges”—defined broadly or narrowly. The Carnival will be on Friday, August 31, so please submit your contributions to me before 11:59 PM US Eastern time on Thursday, August 30.

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DrMRFrancis on Twitter

  • 30 minutes to trick-or-treat official start time. I should probably eat a sandwich or something before. 32 minutes ago
  • Transcribing interviews is one of the most annoying things about freelancing, along with bugging people for payment. #IHaveToDoThatToo 47 minutes ago
  • The cold November rain arrived a day early. #TellAxlRoseToStop 1 hour ago
  • The weather is turning really gross. I suspect that will cut down the number of trick-or-treaters coming by tonight. 1 hour ago
  • I need to transcribe an interview, but somehow I'm not feeling it. 2 hours ago


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