Carnival of Cosmology: Dark Energy

Update: The Carnival is up! Please go read the excellent contributions.

Calling my cosmology, physics, and astronomy blogger friends! Galileo’s Pendulum will be hosting the first Carnival of Cosmology next Friday, July 27. Our topic is dark energy. Contributors so far are Ethan Siegel, Katie Mack, Kelly Oakes, and of course me, but we’d like to hear from you too. (Sean Carroll‘s wife wrote him a note excusing him from contributing, since he has a book to finish writing.)

Here’s what to do: write a post about dark energy, and send me the link by midnight on Thursday, July 27. I’ll compile the links here, and the carnival shall begin!

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  • @twirlandswirl This one poked its head sleepily from its hammock, looked around and then...posed. That's the best word. 4 hours ago
  • My heart always belongs to tigers, but probably my favorite zoo moment was seeing an actual awake sloth. 4 hours ago
  • @AstroKatie Then again, it would blow my tiny mind. 4 hours ago
  • @AstroKatie Honestly, at her age I think all the animals were thrilling. The wallaby was best because we saw it up close without a fence. 4 hours ago
  • I spent most of the day at the zoo with three adults and a tiny adorable almost-toddler, who was most thrilled with the wallabies. 4 hours ago


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