Carnival of Cosmology: Dark Energy

Update: The Carnival is up! Please go read the excellent contributions.

Calling my cosmology, physics, and astronomy blogger friends! Galileo’s Pendulum will be hosting the first Carnival of Cosmology next Friday, July 27. Our topic is dark energy. Contributors so far are Ethan Siegel, Katie Mack, Kelly Oakes, and of course me, but we’d like to hear from you too. (Sean Carroll‘s wife wrote him a note excusing him from contributing, since he has a book to finish writing.)

Here’s what to do: write a post about dark energy, and send me the link by midnight on Thursday, July 27. I’ll compile the links here, and the carnival shall begin!

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  • Anyway, the chapter "The Robot as Slave" of "Anatomy of a Robot" should be required reading for anyone thinking about sci-fi robots. 4 hours ago
  • Think of it as the "Sympathy 3000-21"/"Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" dichotomy. 4 hours ago
  • The other extreme of course is the "killer murder robots will kill-murder us all!" tale, which lacks...nuance. 4 hours ago
  • @drspacejunk I had forgotten about that one! 4 hours ago
  • I confess I don't like Asimov's techno-utopian-paternalist view of robots much. 4 hours ago


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