Free Energy … Er, Links for All!

Can you guess what this image is?

Today has got to be another “focus on finding paid employment” day for me, so I’m going to go hide out in my local library for a few hours. In the meantime, go read!

Image of the day: can you guess what the photo at the right actually is?

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  • @Dr24hours Of course, you're older now than he was in his glory years as a player, so there's that. 1 hour ago
  • @Dr24hours Yeah, but you'll never catch up. It's like the speed of light. 1 hour ago
  • Now I must stop myself from compulsively revising my talk for this afternoon. 1 hour ago
  • One good (?) thing about waking up on Eastern time schedule in New Mexico: I finished one article and started another, all before 10 AM. 1 hour ago
  • @marcuskdowling Exactly! He's the J.S. Bach of synthesizer music. 2 hours ago


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