Free Energy … Er, Links for All!

Can you guess what this image is?

Today has got to be another “focus on finding paid employment” day for me, so I’m going to go hide out in my local library for a few hours. In the meantime, go read!

Image of the day: can you guess what the photo at the right actually is?

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  • OK, time to head out. Next stop: Cleveland. Probably no internet until tomorrow. 18 hours ago
  • One day soon, I hope to be able to think about science again. 19 hours ago
  • Between world news, work hassles, and moving, I'm honestly going to be glad to have more than 24 hours internet-free. 19 hours ago
  • Meanwhile, Israel shelled a school in Gaza and LinkedIn is telling me we're heading for increased unemployment. Good morning. 19 hours ago
  • In the immortal words of Bastille: Ehyo ehyo ehyo ehyo ehyo ehyo. 19 hours ago


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