Busy Day Link Roundup

I have a nice juicy post on oscillators and spontaneous synchronization to come tomorrow, but between other writing duties and working on a research project today, I don’t have a “real” post today. However, there are so many other good things to read today, so I’ll leave you in the capable hands of other writers:

And of course if you don’t want to read anything, you can look at the breathtaking photo mosaic of the Moon’s northern hemisphere, a perspective that is impossible to get from Earth.

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DrMRFrancis on Twitter

  • So it looks like I'll be talking about Mars and the Mars Orbital Mission on #BBCNewsday at 11:30 PM US Eastern time tonight. 27 minutes ago
  • Then again, it's still more reasonable hour than the Seven Minutes of Terror with Curiosity, and I definitely was awake for that one. 57 minutes ago
  • I will have a word with India's space agency next time, to get them to schedule their missions for a more reasonable hour. ;P 59 minutes ago
  • So I seem to have agreed to do an interview about India's Mars Orbiter Mission tonight at 11:30, after orbital insertion. 1 hour ago
  • For a smile that glows! RT @deborahblum: Oh, the good old days. RT @RexPeretz: Radium toothpaste, twitter.com/drlindseyfitz/… 1 hour ago


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