Busy Day Link Roundup

I have a nice juicy post on oscillators and spontaneous synchronization to come tomorrow, but between other writing duties and working on a research project today, I don’t have a “real” post today. However, there are so many other good things to read today, so I’ll leave you in the capable hands of other writers:

And of course if you don’t want to read anything, you can look at the breathtaking photo mosaic of the Moon’s northern hemisphere, a perspective that is impossible to get from Earth.

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  • Harriet, on the other hand, needs to check to make sure I'm still alive and/or bring me toys when she gets bored and wants to play. 5 hours ago
  • I wish my cats could be civilized enough to share a room with me while I sleep, but Pascal is a friggin' bed hog. 5 hours ago
  • @PlanetDr I packed all my NASA stickers, more's the pity. I do have some nice beer left, though. 5 hours ago
  • At this point, my landlord and the next tenants may be getting an apology from me. I am out of time, energy, and life-force. 6 hours ago
  • I need all my friends to come over and help me finish cleaning up. I can't move anymore. 8 hours ago


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