The Finals Countdown

It should tell you a lot about how busy this week has been, that I haven’t even logged onto this site in several days, much less written a blog post. My excuse is that this is final exam week: we’re winding up the spring semester, and so between grading and other academic business I’ve simply been swamped. However, for good for for ill, things will be done soon, and you can expect some new posts in the very near future. In the meantime, here are some other things for you to look at (in no particular order):

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  • The kinematic equations describe motion with constant acceleration —@such as projectiles. Often the first equations we learn! @nparmalee 42 minutes ago
  • Kepler's 3rd law links the size of an orbit to how long it takes an object to orbit. Useful for exoplanets and black holes too. @astrodave2 45 minutes ago
  • The ideal gas law links the density, pressure, and temperature of gas — useful for a lot of situations in physics & chemistry. @heydebigale 46 minutes ago
  • Einstein's equations for general relativity connect the energy and matter content with the geometry of spacetime. @Quasilocal 47 minutes ago
  • @Quasilocal We had a vote for Friedmann, but nobody said Einstein's equations yet. 48 minutes ago


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