Friday Fun Link Roundup

Last Friday, I decided to post some fun and/or humorous links, so I’ll try to keep that going. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

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DrMRFrancis on Twitter

  • @DNLee5 @AmasianV with me, that goes for normal lightsabers too, though. 34 minutes ago
  • Pat the Wookiee. 3 hours ago
  • @anatotitan I thought it looked good myself. I like that they're going back to models over CGI. 3 hours ago
  • And now all the Star Wars fans are arguing over whether the new trailer looks good or horrible. I love fandom. 3 hours ago
  • Oh no, this is the revisionist BluRay edition. I just can't watch Greedo shooting at Han. 3 hours ago


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