A Spacesuit Ballet

I have a highly important appointment to spend the afternoon with Pablo Picasso, but I promise the weekend will not end without another real blog post or two. In the meantime, here’s a truly wonderful video from National Public Radio’s Science Friday, setting video footage of spacesuit testing to the music of the awesomely weird band One Ring Zero:


I must say, some of those suits look really frightening.

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  • @ShareefJackson Yeah, I'm not rolling in cash. I don't need more debt. 48 minutes ago
  • (And yes, I only have the one credit card. I don't need more than one, because usually people don't try to perpetrate fraud on me.) 51 minutes ago
  • I keep thinking of things I need to do this weekend, but then realize I can't because someone used my credit card number to buy McDonald's. 52 minutes ago
  • @katiesci Do you play an instrument? I'm buying a synthesizer. We could go on tour. 57 minutes ago
  • "Classic rock" radio is a world unto itself. 1 hour ago


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