Friday Fun

I think I would like to start a new type of post for Fridays: a collection of fun links. Shoot me a message if you have any suggestions.

To start with, try these:

I’ve already shared some of this stuff on Twitter (you’re following me, right?), but it never hurts to share good stuff twice!

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  • The freelancer anthem: "Pay Me My Money Down", Bruce Springsteen… 9 minutes ago
  • On the agenda today: buy another hook-and-eye latch for the door to keep Pascal from opening it. He's clever and strong, that cat. 38 minutes ago
  • Is the progenote hypothesis a reasonable one, or sketchy? The last biology I had was when Bush was President. G.H.W. Bush, that is. 52 minutes ago
  • "You're standing on my ear!" - the first thing I said to Pascal this morning. 1 hour ago
  • Can't sleep. White supremacist clown will eat me. 9 hours ago


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