Friday Fun

I think I would like to start a new type of post for Fridays: a collection of fun links. Shoot me a message if you have any suggestions.

To start with, try these:

I’ve already shared some of this stuff on Twitter (you’re following me, right?), but it never hurts to share good stuff twice!

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  • And yes, I'm overthinking a dream. That's pretty much how I roll. 33 minutes ago
  • @ShareefJackson Certainly better than my usual dream fare. 34 minutes ago
  • .@Dr24hours My concern is that the only stories white Americans seem to listen to are those told by white Americans. There are other voices. 34 minutes ago
  • Whether I'm the one who should be telling those stories is another matter, and that's a harder call. 38 minutes ago
  • And you know, I would do that. There are stories that need telling, and people who need to hear those stories. 39 minutes ago


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