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…to give people something to read until I get a few minutes to finish the three blog posts I’ve started. (Insert comment about ambition vs. time for full-time professors.)

On a more personal note, I’d like to thank all the new visitors to the blog over the last few days! I don’t know what changed, but there were a lot of new readers. Thanks for coming by, and I hope you like what you see enough to stop back again.

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  • The kinematic equations describe motion with constant acceleration —@such as projectiles. Often the first equations we learn! @nparmalee 31 minutes ago
  • Kepler's 3rd law links the size of an orbit to how long it takes an object to orbit. Useful for exoplanets and black holes too. @astrodave2 34 minutes ago
  • The ideal gas law links the density, pressure, and temperature of gas — useful for a lot of situations in physics & chemistry. @heydebigale 35 minutes ago
  • Einstein's equations for general relativity connect the energy and matter content with the geometry of spacetime. @Quasilocal 36 minutes ago
  • @Quasilocal We had a vote for Friedmann, but nobody said Einstein's equations yet. 37 minutes ago


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