The Universe Loves You

Well, probably the universe isn’t aware of you at all, since it isn’t sentient. However, in lieu of a real blog post (since I have a virus consuming my brain at the moment), here’s some fun for Valentine’s Day for you all:

I will attempt to have a real post or two tomorrow, health and time permitting.

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DrMRFrancis on Twitter

  • @JacquelynGill @Laelaps Someday I need to go on a paleontology dig, just to experience it (and write about it, natch). 6 hours ago
  • So, time for bed. New Mexico will still be here in the morning. 6 hours ago
  • The clock says it's 10 PM, but it lies. It's actually more like 26 PM, or 2400 megahurtz. 6 hours ago
  • @Laelaps How about Before the Dinosaurs? 6 hours ago
  • In other words, I've made it to the hotel in Las Cruces. Thanks to @merrdiff for collecting me from the airport and taking me to dinner. 6 hours ago


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