The Universe Loves You

Well, probably the universe isn’t aware of you at all, since it isn’t sentient. However, in lieu of a real blog post (since I have a virus consuming my brain at the moment), here’s some fun for Valentine’s Day for you all:

I will attempt to have a real post or two tomorrow, health and time permitting.

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  • I am reading so many chemistry and biochemistry papers these days. @DrRubidium would be proud of me. 1 hour ago
  • Academics like to think of themselves as liberal, but they often suck at being allies in...anything. by @Acclimatrix 2 hours ago
  • (Honestly, y'all don't need to reassure me. I just keep getting killed on this particular mission. I'll get it eventually.) 2 hours ago
  • @niais Ages ago, I saw part of an Esther Williams film costarring Ricardo Montelban. That was truly surreal. 2 hours ago
  • Some days I think my real problem with video games is that I just suck at them. 2 hours ago


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